Whisky Fair Limburg


One whisky fellow, malt maniac Keith Wood, calls this fair as a best whisky event for a advanced whisky anorak. I can agree – for that selection you can find. Either you are looking for rare old bottlings, either for recent releases – but mostly for independent bottlings. You can find almost everything there then.

So the format of this fair is bit different what I would usually expect. It‘s hard to find here official distilleries booths, but you can find many whisky rarities shops with tremendous offerings. There were well known Whisky Antique (they also own Silver Seal, Italian independent bottler), some also very known local german shops standings. The other rest were occupied by independent bottlers (many from Germany, for obvious reasons) like local The Whisky Agency (their owner Carsten Ehrlich is main organizer of Whisky Fair Limburg), Whisky-Fässle, Malts of Scotland and the rest. Other interesting point is that you pay 10 EUR only for the entrance and every dram costs something. They can pour 20ml or 40ml if you want, and you will pay what you will get. Prices are fair and affordable for sure.

So this event is a great occasion to try rare, expensive malt, which bottle costs too much to acquire. I had some whishes for my taste – some silent distilleries - Banff, Caperdonich, Port Ellen. I always wanted to acquire old “real” Macallan – so I did. I was also lucky to spot Glenugie, so I didn’t bother to consider (it’s rare whisky, distillery was functioning not for a long time). Acquire? Yes, indeed. I wasn’t going to try as much as I can. I was going to work – to fill my 50 small bottles I was bringing with myself. I wanted to bring them home for being able taste them and put my notes in a proper manner that anyone would be able to read my notes later on. So I did my best to fill all bottles and 3 additional ones as some people were already used for such people as me “buying samples to bring back home”. Thanks for this great idea, Keith.

Several photos from event and great bottlings I could spot:

One of the qeues to the event (not the biggest one)
Typical booth
Booth of well know German rarity malts shop
My lovely Signatory bottlings
Macallan 1956
Glenugie 1967
Glendronach 1972
Bowmore 1973

Worth mentioning – Limburg is small nice town with great old town and several great bars. Another great thing – Limburg has one of the best whisky bars in Europe – Villa Konthor. I never saw so many whisky bottles in one place! Their web site claims they have more than 700 whisky sorts. You can believe that. If there is no place, bottles are just placed on the bar. And ordering whisky is simple – not by the menu. You have to find the bottle you want by yourself, bring it to the bar and they will pour it to you. They also have nice German beer. I had great time there with my fellow Stefan and his relatives.

And there is my two days “work” result: