Strathisla 1937/1975 (70proof, Gordon & MacPhail)

  • Distillery: Strathisla
  • Distilled:
  • Bottler:
    Gordon and Macphail
  • Bottled:
  • Age:
  • ABV:
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Oldest malt tasted yet by vintage!
Aroma: delicate, but very alive and fresh yet. Nice notes of ripe fruits. Oranges, apples. Matured dry sour cider. Yeast, trace of sawdust. Sour notes, not sure what, it seems berries. Like old champage - taost, peach. Old books. More berries.
Palate: light and bit spicy - dry notes of oranges, grapefruit, followed by berries and sawdust. Lots of honey. Wax, leather, damp earth. Like long matured oaked champagne. Finish: very short and bit bitter. Which is natural for oldie, right? Honey and lime drops. Leather, wax.
Comment: I can not say it is best ever tasted, but not too far from it. And for sure - most interesting one. I was surprised by its freshness and power. Fantastic, complex aroma. Palate is bit weaker. If have been very interesting to try such one at 46% ABV at least. And just introduced to the market. It is bit sad I don't have time machine now. But tasting this nice malt gave me chance to travel in time by thoughts at least. I could get used to it and to taste it regularly. And most important - it's clean taste prooves we can keep whisky in the bottle for quiet long time.


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