Samples from Whisky-Fässle


On April I have got several samples from Whisky-Fässle. I‘m catching up with them now only. For good malt it‘s never too late. In the parcel I have found not only their early 2013 editions, but also older Bowmore (2010) and Littlemill. Huge thanks to Jens Unterweger – you are great guy!. Anyway, I just had opportunity to try few bottlings from Whisky-Fässle before, I can say, there was no any bad. These german (other names to mention – TWA, Malts of Scotland, Whisky-Doris) bottlers gives me good impression! Enough praising, let‘s taste! I will take a sip of Glen Grant 1992/2013, Littlemill 1988/2012, Bunnahabhain 1990/2013, Bowmore 1993/2010 and Ledaig 2005/2013. This is my tasting order, after I will see if I chose well.

I‘m starting with Glen Grant 20 Year Old 1992 – matured in ex-bourbon cask for 20 years. Clean, grassy and spicy aroma and robust palate strengthens my impression that Glen Grants malts are powerful malts and are very suitable for long maturing. It would be interesting to compare with Caperdonich from the same vintage – they were sister distilleries and had connection with spirit pipe, legend says. I’m sure locals were visiting that pipe regularly to drill out some malt. Coming back to whisky – robust, clean, pleasant to taste. Has everything to call him “simple” malt, when sherry monsters or young Islayers become boring.

Now it’s time for one of my old sympathy – Littlemill 23 year old. This one is sherry matured. Symbolic – this is my 300th record / tasting note (yes, I’m bad on timing to upload all of them on the web), when I started to put tasting notes. This is my first sherried Littlemill. And I can say it’s wonderful – lots of fruity notes, which go well with wood, leather, tobacco. One of these wow malts. You can enjoy slowly and appreciate full bouquet. It’s sad I have sample only. It would be nice to have more to sharing with others.

Another for the evening - Bunnahabhain 22 year old 1990, also sherry matured. I had enough sherried Bunnahabhains to know what that means. Now it’s harder to surprise me. Funny fact – strength of Bunna is identical to Glen Grant I had first (fact that says nothing, anyway). It’s also my 15th Bunnahabhain as my notes are saying (another useless fact, besides showing how few of them are still on the website).So, aroma is much different from the former. Maritime character and remarkable nutty notes. Another nice sherried Bunna. Seems that their malt and sherry casks are great pairing. More age would be interested. I think I’m still feeling notes of tasted Littlemill ..

 It‘s harder and harder to surprise me – malts are really good quality today. Bowmore – also. But this one is matter of taste. In a good sense – clean Bowmore. It‘s a while I had such. Reminds me Bowmore Tempest, which I like a lot. This one is even slightly better.

For the final one, Ledaig, it’s a challenging time as we had such nice malts – this one is young, 7 year old. You can feel the young age while nosing, but I like the taste. Young peated malt, with nice notes of peat and pepper is another example that short age is not the problem for smoky whiskies. Even in contrary.

In summary, I don’t know if I have got great malts only, or the rest of Whisky-Fässle are of the same quality cause of choosy selection of best casks, but I’m really happy with my tasting.