Pinwinnie Royale XII years olde

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Popular premium blend in 70s-80s. Regarding license number (75-AN CL.32.25, Molinari) my guess it was impoterted into Italy in 1975.

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Aroma: medicinal hebrs, apple cider, matured grappa (grapes distillate). Fruityand bit spicy. Acetone, fresh color paint. Sour.
Palate: sweet, bit spicy and very similar to aroma, but I feel trace of barley and yeast. What can show this is whisky (ar at least matured grain spirit). Pepper, pine apple and grass. Very interesting, I would bling guess for grappa. Very sour palate, as aroma also is. Finish: fruity, bitdry with notes of pine apple and pepper.
Comment: very unsual, interesting. Hard to tell is it the style that was common these days or it is ruined - syntetic, sour, unusual notes.. Kind of mouldy. Maybe uncleaned bottling line? Or was exposed to sunlight for decades? It is still mystery to me. That's why I still be looking for another bottle one day.
Isn't often I gan get old blend from the past. And if this is it's original taste, I would rather choose modern blend like Chivas 12.


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