Octomore 5 Year Old 07.1 - Scottish Barley

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Aroma: sweet peat and spicy wood. Lemon, ash and ginger. Sweet barley and fresh wood polish and terpentine. Water makes it very ashy and smoky with hints of lemon.
Palate: salty, smoky, ashy and then bit sweet. Full of lemon and grass notes. With water: even more salt and lemon, then more or less the same. Finish: long, salty and ashy, with lemon peel, grapefruit and grass.
Comments: powerful and straigth into your face. Do I fell more peat than in a previous versions (167ppm)? I couldn't exactly confirm that. Just another grand young monster, full of grass. Bit to narrow to enjoy it regularly. I did enjoy much more a Caol Ila 8 year old I had recently.

Octomore 5 Year Old 07.1 - Scottish Barley