Lochside 47 year old 1965 - Single Blend

  • Distillery: Lochside
  • Distilled:
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Lochside distillery (already closed nowadays, sadly) for some time during it's existense was producing not single malt only, but grain whisky also. So they had a chance to release blended whisky produced from single distillery spirit (called single blend). It is a rare thing for sure, I had it on the whisky show. And it's by far best blended whisky we ever have tried.

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Aroma: wet wool, mushrooms, some vanilla, oranges, other fruits. Complex bouquet, sadly not enough time to appreciate ift forever.
Palate: nice balance of wood, spices and nuts. Oak tannins do not overwhelm and whisky is not too dry for its age. Whole bunch of dried fruits. Some farm and damp earth notes. I love this style. A lot.
Comments: very interesting and complex, you can comtemplate with it whole evening. It opens up slowly and changes beautifully. Great balance and nice oak presence didn't spoil this gem.


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