Glenlivet 32 Year Old 1978/2010 (The Whisky Fair)

  • Distillery: Glenlivet
  • Distilled:
  • Bottler:
    The Whisky Agency
  • Bottled:
  • Age:
  • ABV:
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Aroma: honey, flowers. Peaches, peppermint, herbs, ripe pears. Hay and cotton. Alcohol is high, needs water - then I get much more fruitiness.
Palate: nice harmony of honey, herbs and fruits. Notes of eucalyptus and mint. With water notes of wood, black tea and pharmacy herbs emerge. Finish: bit dry, bit biter with notes of wood and eucalyptus.
Comment: I was expecting more. Water didn't provide freshness. There are too much dry wood notes. Interesting and poweful malt, but too much wood - if in that place there were fruits, it would be much better.


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