Ballantine's 17 Years Old

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Blend of a very known name. Jim Murray praised it a lot - best blend in 2010 Whisky Bible.

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Aroma: light aroma of honey and flowers. Palate: significant smoke comes first and becomes more present in the end, some hints of sweet oily honey, vanilla and saltiness. In the end we have more honey, heather and smoky pepper.
Aftertaste: medium. Good for a blend. Notes of oak and smoke.
Comments: light and pleasant, with correct hints of smoke. Aftertaste is quiet short, but not bad for a blend.  If you take it after good single malt, it seems to simple and bit blank. But really good as a blend. Worth a attention, but we have some issues with price here, I can buy decent entry level single malt for that price. Anyway, I count it as "good blend" - let's take it aside with very good Nikka from the barrel and Hibiki blends.


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