Ardbeg Uigeadail

  • Distillery: Ardbeg
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Uigeadail in gaelic means "dark and mysterious place". Uigeadail it is loch (lake or sea inlet) where the water to make Ardbeg comes from.

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Aroma: notes of smoke, coal and pepper. Tar and brine. Small hints of medicine, vanilla and leather. With water some farmy notes emerge - compost, pig skin, damp earth. Really interesting.
Palate: ash, brine and zest, grapefruit also. Traces of nuts, roots and bitter wood. Powerful, salty finish with notes of nuts and citrus.
Comments: smoke and salt bomb with hints of citrus fruits and zest. Grabs your attention always, you can not ignore it. I find Corryvreckan slightly better to my taste, but this one is also great, especially for the price and at this (probably young) age.


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