Ardbeg 1990 'Airigh Nam Beist' (2008)

  • Distillery: Ardbeg
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Aroma: sweet peat, roasted barley, smoked ham with herbs. Fruitiness also here - apples, citrus fruits with tiny bit of vanilla. Ashes, salt and elegant smoke.
Palate: sweet in the beginning with notes of honey, ginger, vanilla and surrounded by ahses, smoked and roasted barley. Salty in the end, with notes of coffee, sea salt and burnt wood. Finish: salty, smoky. With notes of ahes and spiced herbs.
Comment: it's a great thing how Ardbeg powerful can be at 18 years old and diluted up to 46%. It's good, that much more affordable Corryvreckan is not too far away regarding the power, but former is way much complex, developing over time. It's sad these you need to work hard to find and afford older Ardbegs. The success of a distillery and whisky market itself brings some flaws also.


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